Cantillon Zwanze Day 2016   Saturday, October 01, 2016     Noon     CASH BAR

October 1st @ Noon

Monk's Cafe is one of the very few bars in the world to serve this ultra-rare beer. Each vintage of Cantillon Zwanze Lambic is a bit different - the first was made with rhubarb back in 2008. This year's brew is a lambic with raspberries, blueberries and vanilla added, loosely based on a recipe for Cantillon Framboise.

We use this event to raise money to allow SNAP participants the ability to purchase healthy, nutritious, locally grown food from the Fair Food Stand. Fair Food is located in the Reading Terminal Market. If someone has a $10 SNAP card, Monk's doubles that to $20. We raised $10,000 last year, which fed a lot of people.

We will be pouring a keg of Cantillon Zwanze and four additional Cantillon Kegs - Five Cantillons on Draft!

Also on the list are three amazing beer kegged in 2010:

2010 Lost Abbey Red Poppy

2010 Russian River Consencration

2010 Russian River Supplication

2016 Russian River Supplication

Cantillon Zwanze

Cantillon Kriek

Cantillon Mamouche

Cantillon Gueuze

Cantillon Iris

Captain Lawrence Flaming Fury

Allagash Farm to Face

Allagash Monmouth Red

Monk's Cafe Flemish Sour

Russian River Blind Pig

Russian River Consecration

Tired Hands TBD

Russian River Damnation

DeDolle Oerbier

DeDolle Dulle Teve

DeDolle Stille Nacht

DeDolle Bos Keun

Hill Farmstead Dorothy


We will have some super rare bottles for take-away.

They will be stupid expensive, but 100% of that money will go to Charity.


Raffle  #1

$20 per ticket  *  Only 100 tickets will be sold * 100% goes to Charity


1.5 Liter     2011   Gueuze +2+3+4

750ml    1998   Lu Pepe Gueuze

750ml   2007   Blabar

750ml  2013   Assemblage de L’Amitie

750ml    2000   Fou Foune

750ml    2016   Lambic D’Aunis

375ml   2008   Cuvée Monk’a Café


Raffle #2

$20 per ticket  *  Only 100 tickets will be sold * 100% goes to Charitynly 100 tickets will be sold

Russian River Brewing Company

3 Liter      Batch 4   Temptation

3 Liter      Batch 5  Supplication

3 Liter     Batch 8  Concecration



Raffle #3

$20 per ticket  *  Only 100 tickets will be sold * 100% goes to Charity

Allagash Brewing Company

6 Liter Tripel

6 Liter  Curieux  2012

PNC Broken Elevator Test Blend (only 4 bottles made of this blend)

Coolship Cerise spontaneous ferment and aged in oak w/cherries

Farm to Face brewed with peaches

James and Julie Sour Brown Ale

Evora aged in brandy barrels

Nancy brewed with cherries

Tiarna oak barrel aged

Golden Brett oak aged

Midnight Brett

Vagabond Ale


Raffle #4

$20 per ticket  *  Only 100 tickets will be sold * 100% goes to Charity

Belgian Breweries

6 Liter    Petrus Pale Ale

6 pack + 2 glasses      Westvleteren

1.5 Liter     1999   Chimay Grand Reserve


This is a CASH ONLY event and 100% fo that cash goes to this charity. Help us raise money to feed people-in-need.


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