Monk's Mad Monday with Dogfish Head Brewery   Monday, May 25, 2015     Noon     Cash Bar

It's time for another edition of Monk's Mad Monday.
It's Memorial Day, so you don't even have to take the day off. Come and visit Jodi at the front bar and be prepared to be pampered.

We decided to get a head start on Philly Beer Week by blowing you away with some amazing beers from Dogfish Head Brewery.  
we will be pouring:
Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA
Dogfish Head Bitches' Brew
Dogfish Head Black & Blue
Dogfish Head Old School Barleywine
Dogfish Head Raison d'Extra 

I'm Away at Fermentation School   Saturday, May 30, 2015        

May 22nd through May 30th. I'm sad to miss Opening Tap, but this is a class for which I have waited to take for ages. I just can't pass up this opportunity.

I have been looking forward to this week long series of classes in Asheville, NC.
Sandor Ellix Katz, author of "Wild Fermentation" will hold classes on live-culture food and drinks. I'll be making kimchi, kombusha, raw milk cheese, tempeh, miso, and other cool things.
The class will forage for wild ingredients which we will then ferment in beer (maybe sake, too).
I have dabbled in all these things already. My raw milk goat cheese has a distinctive tang, but I want to start crafting aged cheese which I can beer brine. I have, of course, brewed beer at home, at local breweries and around Europe. My favorite kimchi which I made was vegetarian using red miso rather than fish sauce and dried shimp, used some lotus root which added a nice crunch.

Vegan Lunch with Trinity Brewery   Monday, June 01, 2015     NOON     $55

Jason will give a presentation on his approach to brewing, using unusual ingredients, yeast strains and barrel aging. 
We kick off this week with a series of lunch events. We start with an outstanding brewery from Colorado Springs. Jason specializes in barrel aged beers, often with fruit and or brettanomyces yeast. Some of these beers deeply complex, yet are quite quaffable.  Jason established his brewery and has always been firmly committed to sustainability. All their food compost and spent grains to a local, organic farm. In that same spirit, our new Chef, Michael Joyce, will create a vegan menu using only local ingredients. 

TICKETS ON SALE - Phone 215.545.7005 to purchase
Tickets are limited, so call today.

MONDAY, May 18th @ 11:30AM
we will offer tickets to those who arrive in person. After that, we will take care of any guests who would rather call in for tix. ONLY 25 Seats Available & a maximum of two tix per person.
Don't worry...we'll have great beer on tap on the 18th, so line up before we open and join us for lunch.

8 Beer Samples paired with four small plate of vegan fare.
Here are the beers:

Mr. Saison, Saison Vieille. Inspired by native ingredients we found during a local hike in Colorado, this beer won best of show in the "Beers Made by Walking" competition in 2012. Our use of amaranth grain imparts a toasty presence in the malt bill, mustard seed lends a nice spiciness to the beer that is balanced with a light citrus from lemon grass and an implied dried cherry essence from the use of rose hips. 5.6% ABV

Wild Apple Saison. A 'Co-Loveration' by two brewers inspired by their mutual sincerity for: Saison, wild yeasts, and locally grown raw materials. This crude but delicate creation was crafted with apples grown in Palisade Colorado, wild Brettanomyces, and locally grown organic flat leaf parsley. No hops were used in this Saison. 8.1% ABV

Sauvage Blanc. A 'Co-Loveration' celebration between two brewers inspired by their mutual sincerity for: Saison, wild yeasts, and an artisanal approach towards using unique ingredients. This recipe was structured from a 'Sauv' theme ... 30% Sauvignon Blanc must, 100% Nelson Sauvin hops, and aged in first run Sauvignon Blanc barrels. A 100% Brettanomyces Saison, naardenensis and farmhouse brett are the yeast choices. We use a light grains of paradise to this beer for dry drink-ability, and added goose berries to the barrels to match the hops. 6.6% ABV

Magical Brettanomyces Tour #1, Brett drie. Curious about Brettanomyces? With our 7th Anniversary Project we've developed a series of 7 unique beers with the same base Saison recipe built with amaranth, lemon grass, grains of paradise, and rose hips. Each individual beer within this series is fermented from start to finish with 100% Brettanomyces and aged on French oak Chardonnay barrels. Each beer within this project is fermented with a single unique Brett, showcasing the dramatic diversity of the organism. Brettanomyces drie is by far the most aromatic with notes of light peach, straw, pleasant subtle manure, and graphite. 5.6% ABV

Accessibility Mode, Saison Printemps. Inspired by uberless cab rides in Portland Oregon during Craft Brewer's Conference, This spring Saison is brewed with enough jack-fruit to create a refreshingly acidic profile perfect for sipping on the patio. Grains of paradise are used in this recipe for a lightly spicy and dry finish. 6.4% ABV

Le Capitaine, Golden Saison Regal. A Petite Buddha Saison brewed with an absurd amount of pumpkin, candied endive, cacao nibs, and Buddha's Hand. Fermented with various strains of Brettanomyces along with Saison yeast then aged on Chardonnay barrels, the resulting beer has a light body and very softly spoken complexities. 10.4% ABV

You Never Even Call Me by My Name, Black Saison Regal. This recipe is an intimidating jet black color. Flavored with a blend of sarsaparilla, sassafras, coriander, hibiscus and cumin to create a perfect balance of spiciness, sweetness, and acidity. 12.2% ABV

Saison Beams. A 'Co-Loveration' celebration between two brewers inspired by their mutual sincerity for Saisons, wild yeasts and an artisanal approach with unique ingredients. Inspired by tasting creatively designed drinks together during an epic 'FOBAB' trip to Chicago, this Saison features a ridiculous amount of rare yuzu fruit, grains of paradise, and fruity shiso herb. A 100% Brettanomyces Saison, we showcase naardenensis and farmhouse as our yeast choices. Aged in Chardonnay barrels, this beer develops a soft vanilla maturity along with a tannic and oaky dry finish. The two 'savant' Saison brewers, 7venth Sun and Trinity Brewing, have gone past the point of 'reality' with this recipe and into a realm of surrealistic insanity.  5.4% ABV; 70 IBUs; 3.8pH

Farmer's Lunch with Jef of Hof ten Dormaal   Tuesday, June 02, 2015     NOON     $60


A Farmer's Lunch with Hof ten Dormaal's brewer, Jef Janssens, and importer Brian Ewing of 12%. We will feature at least four of Jef's beers, including the Philly Beer Week collaboration, "Leuven on a Prayer", between John Stemler of Free Will and Jef of HtD. We weren't sure that PBW's annual collaboration was going to happen at Hof ten Dormall because they had a catastrophic brewery fire a couple of weeks before our scheduled brew date. 

Brian Ewing will speak about his love of Jef's beers and how he went about setting up a visit and eventually being able to import HtD into the US.

Jef will speak about living and working on the family farm and at the family brewery. They raise barley and hops on their farm. This is beyond farm to table, this is farm to brewery to lips.

Our Chef will create house made patés, sausages and pair them with local cheese. Hearty fare for hearty beer.

50% of ticket sales will be donated to the Hof ten Dormaal rebuilding project. 

TICKETS ON SALE - Phone 215.545.7005 to purchase
Tickets are limited, so call today.

The Effect of Brettanomyces with Terry Hawbaker & Kristen Mullen   Wednesday, June 03, 2015     Noon     $55


The Effects of using Brettanomyces

With Terry Hawbaker and Kristen Mullen of Pizza Boy and Intangible Ales

This is a lunch time event with an educational bent.  This class will show how brett is a voracious sugar eater which produces super dry ales.  It is not a souring agent when used on it’s own.

Terry is well known in these parts as an outstanding brewer. In addition to being the head brewer at Al’s of Hampton Pizza Boy Brewery, he has co-founded Inatangible Ales with Kristen Mullen. Intangible Ales has so far focused on Saison style ales. Some of those have fermented with brettanomyces.

Terry has made excellent sour ales using brettanomyces as one of the yeast cultures. He added fruit to many, then aged them in a variety of previously used oak barrels.

Our new, beer-centric Chef, Michael Joyce, will create a small plate menu to pair with these fine beers. 

TICKETS ARE ON SALE - Phone 215.545.7005 to purchase
Tickets are limited, so call today.
Here is the Pizza Boy Bottle List:

Abascio-Cell: aged in white wine barrels with Pinot Grigio juice

Golden Sour 2014:  aged in white wine barrels with lemon zest

Plum Sour:  aged in oak barrels with plums

Intangible Ales

Future Primative

What Is A Saison? with Jean Broilette of Tired Hands Brewery   Thursday, June 04, 2015     Noon     $55


We are lucky enough to tear Jean away from his just opened Tired Hands Fermentaria. I've known Jean & Julie for many years and feel that their passion for brewing great beer will resonate with all of beer-world. 

Like the 1966 song by Donovan, Must Be The Season of the Witch...I was thinking about calling this "Must Be The Saison of The Pitch" (yeast pitch).

Jean will update me over the weekend with his list of outstanding Saisons. He's the real deal, folks.
We will be pouring between 6 and 8 of his beers. I should have the complete list by 5/21.

TICKETS ARE ON SALE - Phone 215.545.7005 to purchase
Tickets are limited, so call today.


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