Lunch with Jef of Hof ten Dormaal   Tuesday, June 02, 2015     tba     tbd

We just booked a lunch with Hof ten Dormaal's brewer, Jef Janssens, and importer Brian Ewing of 12%. We will feature at least four of Jef's beers, including the Philly Beer Week collaboration between John Stemler of Free Will and Jef of HtD. We weren't sure that PBW's annual collaboration was going to happen at Hof ten Dormall because they had a catastrophic brewery fire a couple of weeks before our scheduled brew date. 

Brian Ewing will speak about his love of Jef's beers and how he went about setting up a visit and eventually being able to import HtD into the US.

Jef will speak about living and working on the family farm and at the family brewery. They raise barley and hops on their farm. This is beyond farm to table, this is farm to brewery to lips.

50% of ticket sales will be donated to the Hof ten Dormaal rebuilding project. 

More details will be posted shortly. 

FERMENTATION STATION   Wednesday, June 03, 2015         tbd

FERMENTATION STATION. Philly Beer Week 2015 at Monk’s Café will focus on your beer education. Philly Beer Week begins on Friday, May 29th and runs 10 days. I'll post the dates and times for these classes as PBW nears.

We’ve held too many of those door-crashing draft events, so every year we seem to add more educational aspect in our events.

Many of these Tutored Tastings will be led by me, Tom Peters, co-owner of Monk’s Café, and three time James Beard Nominee for Beer, Spirits & Wine Professional.  I travel the world tasting beers, brewing beers and hoarding beers. I began offering Belgian beer in Philadelphia way back in 1985. That’s 30 years of hand selling these artisanal ales. Please join me as I tell stories as we taste beer.

These will be ticketed events. Dates, times and more information will be posted soon.

Tutored Tastings w/Tom Part One:  Beer 101

The perfect introduction for a neophyte, but meaty enough for a beer geek.

Of course, we’ll be drinking great beer throughout this hour-long beer introduction.

Learn the History of Beer & Learn About Beer Styles. We'll sample Ales, Lambics & Lagers.

Get to know about The Craft Beer Movement, not just here in the US, but around the world.


Tutored Tastings w/Tom Part Two:  Beer Defects
Learn the lexicon of certified beer judges.

We will taste a “base beer”, then I will add components that will alter that base flavor and aroma.

Learn how to identify DMS, Oxidation, Diacytal, etc.  Know when a beer is really bad as opposed to you just not liking the beer.

Is Oxidation appropriate is some beers? What about sulfur in the aroma?

Learn which style incorporate small amounts of “defects” to enhance their beer.


Tutored Tastings w/Tom Part Three:  Cellaring Beer

Learn which beers age gracefully and how to properly store them. 

Compare vintages of World Class Beer:

Chimay Bleu Vintages 1999 and 2015

3 Orval Vintages: Current release; six months of aging; two years of aging

Cantillon 1996 and current vintage

Thomas Hardy Vintages.

Samichlaus Vintages: 





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