ANTI -World's Largest Beer Crawl   Saturday, May 03, 2014     ALL DAY    

While this event sounds awesome to some people, it's just not something in which Monk's Café will participate.
We were listed on their website for a while so I just wanted to post this on our site to be sure all you you know that we are not a participant.

We feel beer should be served and consumed with the proper respect. Quality beer was crafted to be appreciated in a relaxing atmosphere. Bar crawls tend to deteriorate into "drink as much as you can" events, which is why Monk's Café NEVER participates in any type of bar crawl.

Please join us on another day when you will have time to relax and savor one from our collection of rare beers.

I wish the folks great success with this event. The organizers seems like very nice people.

Thank you for your understanding. 

Philly Beer Week   Friday, May 30, 2014        

Philly Beer Week started right here in the back room at Monk's Café way back in 2007.  We held our 1st Philly Beer Week in 2008, which makes this our 7th annual celebration of everything beer in Philadelphia.  Our Beer Week model has been copied in over 100 cities from around the world. all started right here in Philly!

This is ten days of wonderful, beer-centric events spread throughout our great city. It all starts at the Opening Tap on Friday, May 30th, when Mayor Nutter traditionally taps the first cask of beer to open Philly Beer Week.  


Orval Tasting w/Fran├žois de Harrene   Tuesday, June 03, 2014     1PM     $TBD

This is a Philly Beer Week Event:

Meet François de Harrene, Director of Brewery Operations at Brasserie d'Orval.  

François' grandparents donated the land upon which the Abbaye Notre-Dame d'Orval was rebuilt. His family also founded the brewery d'Orval so it could support the Trappist monks and their causes. François will retire at the end of 2014. François will tell the legend of Mathilda and a bit about the Abbaye.

We will be serving a few vintages of Orval paired with small plates of food. I brought back some Orval cheese from my last visit in February. 

We will host this in the back room, so only 25 tickets will be available. Please sign up for our email list so you will know when tickets will go on sale. 

Menu, beer vintages & price will be listed soon. 

Cigar City Brewery   Friday, June 06, 2014     3-5PM     PAYG

Cigar City Brewery has an almost cult-like following. I'm asking them to select 6 of their favorite beers to pour at this event. Can't wait to see what they send to us. 
I'll update this as I get more information. 

Who The Hell Let Tom Into The Brewery   Saturday, June 07, 2014     Noon     payg

This will be Part Two of my "Who The Hell Let Tom Into The Brewery" series. I travel the world to brew out-of-the-ordinary beers for my pleasure. I’m very proud of all these beers & hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.

 I'll be featuring seven beers that I helped to brew or develop the recipe for:

Allagash PNC Broken Elevator (Maine) I helped brew this in 2010 and returned to Maine in 2013 to help Jason select the blending barrels for this unique sour ale. The “Broken Elevator” name came from Rob Tod & Jason Perkins.  A “few” of us were riding an elevator in Denver’s Brown Palace Hotel during the Great American Beer Festival. The elevator stopped and we rang for assistance. The expression on the maintenance guy’s face was hilarious…his eyes almost popped out of his head while he surveyed the scene inside that little elevator car.  He points to the “Maximum Load” placard on the wall – it indicated a maximum of 6 people.  He snarled “can’t you guys read”.  I chimed in with “Sure, we can read, it’s the counting that gives us trouble”  We had over a dozen big beer guys in that tiny elevator car. DRAFT

Brouwerij DeMolen Rook & Leer “Smoke & Leather” (Netherlands) Imperial Smoked Stout brewed with beechwood smoked malt. Aged with brettanomyces for 12 months in Lagavulin barrels. Then Rosalare yeast was added and aging continued for an additional 6 months. DRAFT

Brouwerij DeProef Broederlijke Liefde “Brotherly Love” (Belgium)  This was the first Philly Beer Week/Belgian Brewer Collaboration ale. This Philly/Belgian collaboration idea was hatched by Don Russel, my fellow co-founder of Philly Beer Week. We decided on a Saison with brettanomyces.  This beer is tasting outstanding right now. Brian O'Reilly of Sly Fox was the local collaborating brewer. BOTTLE

Brasserie Dupont Spéciale Belge (Belgium)  This was the second PBW/Belgian Brewer collaboration. This was the first time that Brasserie Dupont collaborated on a beer. It was truly an honor to brew at such an iconic, family-owned brewery. Chris LaPierre of Iron Hill was the local collaborating brewer.  BOTTLE

Dock Street Brewery Trappiste Pale (Philly) Scott Morrison, now of Barren Hill Brewpub, George Hummel, of Home Sweet Homebrew, and I hatched the idea for this beer while enjoying a few bottles of Orval.  This is an über dry Belgian Pale Ale which has aged for just over a year at the brewery. DRAFT

Brouwerij Dilewyns Philly Tripel (Belgium) This is the fourth PBW/Belgian Brewer collaboration.  Justin Low of Dock Street was the local collaborating brewer. Justin, William Reed, of Standard Tap fame and former professional brewer, and I tossed around ideas for this one while enjoying a few bottles Anne-Catherine Dilewyns beers. We wanted to honor what the brewer brews, yet inject a little Philly into the recipe.  We decided on adding some Philly honey to a version of her Triple.  DRAFT

Firestone Walker PNC Imperial Buckwheat Stout (California) Matt Bryndylson has won so many medals at beer events that he makes Phelps look like an amateur swimmer. David Walker & Matt agreed to brew a special beer for our PNC crew, so we all met in Paso Robles, California for some winery visits, some good food and great brewery hospitality.  We decided to make a huge, imperial stout, but with the twist of adding buckwheat. That was a chewy wort.  Matt aged the beer for one year in freshly obtained tequila barrels.  Taste for yourself, but we think this beer is stunning!  DRAFT

         I'm also hoping to have another one or two beers if they are ready to serve by June 7th.


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