PHILLY BEER WEEK   Friday, June 03, 2016     all day     varies

Philly Beer Week already? Yep, it's time for Philadelphia to roll out the red carpet for all you beer lovers. Ten days of events held throughout the region. Participating venues will be hosting a wide range of events: from simple tap takeovers, to beer dinners, to educational classes, to homebrew demonstrations, to beer festivals, and many more ideas.

Monk's wil be hosting an event with Menno of Brouwerij De Molen, Bodegraven, Netherlands. Menno and Tom Kehoe, Yard's Brewery, collaborated on brewing the Philly Beer Week 2016 European Collaboration Beer. We will be featuring that beer along with a collaboration between Tom Peters (Monk's Cafe) & Menno, at his Kaapse Brouwers, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Menno & I brewed a Campfire Coffee Porter. I'm not a coffee guy, but I do like an early morning cup of java when I'm camping. I use a speckeled enamalware percolator over a wood fire., so the coffee picks up a hint of smoke. I pitched the idea to Menno and he agreed to brew it with me. Menno also owns a state-of-the-art coffee roaster, so we roasted our own beans, ground them and added them to a "hop back" to completely infuse this smokey porter with a fresh coffee flavor. We use Bamberg malt for a non-peated smoke base. I'll post details later.

Expect all of our events to education driven. You can drink great beer anywhere in Philadelphia, but we want you to understand why the beer in your glass tastes that way. You have to meet the brewer to truly understand the beer. Visitng the brewery would also offer a sense of terrior, but we're not taking a road trip this year.

We focused on Saisons last year and invited four different brewers to explain what defines a saison and their own approach in brewing one. Those four luncheons were über cool.  

Jef Janssens from Hof ten Dormaal   Monday, June 06, 2016     5PM     CASH bar

Jef brewed a special beer just for Philly Beer Week, plus we’ll have a collaboration between Hof ten Dormaal and New Belgium.

Check out the draft list, and join us on Monday June 6 for this chill-out with one of our favorite Belgian brewers.


HTD Blond

HTD Zure Van Tildonk

HTD Saison

HTD Kriek

HTD Grappa Barrel-Aged Strong Blond

HTD Grappa Barrel-Aged Strong Dark

HTD Muscatel Barrel-Aged Strong Blond

HTD Barrel Aged Cider

John Brus of Kaapse in Rotterdam   Tuesday, June 07, 2016     1pm     CASH bar

Join us for the WORLD PREMIERE of Monk's Smoked Campfire Coffee Porter, brewed collaboratively by Menno Olivier (DeMolen, Kaapse) and Tom Peters at Kaapse Brouwers, Rotterdam.

We will also be featuring an array of amazing Kaapse and DeMolen drafts, including:



Monk's Smoked Campfire Coffee Porter (PBW Exclusive available only at Monk's)



Fire, Flood & Plague: Official PBW 2016 collaboration beer brewed by Tom Kehoe and Menno Olivier at DeMolen

Spanning & Sensatie Imperial Stout

Rommen & Granaten Barleywine

Cease & Desist

Cuvee #5 Blended Imperial Stout

Hel & Verdoemenis Bruichladdich Brett Imperial Stout

Fyne Ales/DeMolen Mills & Hills (collaboration)

DeMolen/RedChurch (collaboration)

Esra Tsarina


the anderson grace tavern nodding head