Jean van Roy of Cantillon at Monk's   Wednesday, October 14, 2015     5PM     CASH BAR

We're going to have a couple of beer Rock Stars at Monk's for a couple of hours at Monk's Café. Jean van Roy, owner and brewer at Brasserie Cantillon, and Jean Hummler, owner of Brussels' famed Moeder Lambic bars will be here Wednesday from approximately 5PM until 7PM.

I wanted you to know these über cool guys will be hanging at Monk's that evening. Be here or be square!

We expect be pouring the following seven  Lambics:


Cantillon Kriek



Cantillon Brouscella 1900 Grand Cru

Cantillon Fou Foune - these are at least 5 years old, maybe 10. As Jean VR says...some people like young Fou Foune, while others prefer older Fou Foune.  It is a matter of personal taste.

Cantillon Gueuze

Cantillon Iris

Cantillon Mamouche

Cantillon Monk’s Café Cuvée Gueuze.  This version is quite different from a traditional Cantillon Gueuze/ I used an Amarillo late hopped wort for the three year old barrel. This is the first time Jean used those American hops. He was appalled by the aroma when he pumped the beer from the brew kettle. 

Cantillon Vigneronne

we may pour these bottles by the glass, too. 

Sorry, but no take-away for any of these rarities. 

Russian River's All Hopped Up For The Cure Framboise   Saturday, October 24, 2015     Noon     CASH bar

Vinnie and Natalie, owners of Russian River Brewing Company, just sent a keg of their Framboise to Monk's. It's barrel aged on a shit ton of fresh, Sonoma raspberries.  We are raising money for Breast Cancer screenings & treatment. Since this is a Charity Event, all sales will be CASH ONLY. We don't want to pay for the beer, donate 100% of the sales of the beer and pay the credit card fees - so it will be CASH ONLY. Sounds fair, doesn't it? Plus, it will be a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

All draft beers will be CASH ONLY and 100% of that cash will go directly to the breast cancer charity. This is our last charity event of the year, so let's really dig deep and raise beaucoup bucks.

I started gathering some rarities from my cellar for raffles. We will have two exceptional raffles for this event. We really do need to raise much needed money for this charity.

We will sell 100 Raffle Tickets for each Raffle.  $10 per ticket (CASH ONLY). We will raise $2,000 for Breast Cancer Treatment from these two raffles.


12 Bottles

Arcadia Ales, Barrel-Aged Shipwreck Porter

Borg Brugghus, Ga Run Icelandic Stout

Cantillon Cuvee de Monk’s Gueuze

Captain Lawrence, 2014 Pomegranate Sour

Dogfish Head, World Wide Stout (with vim & vigor crossed out – I forget the vintage)

Goose Island, 2013 Bourbon County Brand Stout

Monk’s Brewery & Café, 2014 Not For Sale Ale (Stockholm)

Russian River Framboise for the Cure 2013

Russian River Framboise for the Cure 2014

Thomas Hardy’s Ale, 1997

Trinity Brewing Co., You Never Even Call Me By My Name black saison regal

+ one more.



12 Larger Bottles

Allagash, Cantillon, and Russian River Assemblage De L’Amitie

Brouwerij de Molen, Pek & Veren Dutch stout

Cascade Brewing, Vlad the Imp Aler, Northwest style sour ale aged in oak barrels

Deschutes Brewery, Green Monster

Heavy Seas Brewery & Yards Brewery Philtimore English-style Pale Ale

Indeed Brewing Co., Midnight Ryder American black ale

Jolly Pumpkin, de Vienta coffee saison

Lavery Brewing Co., Liopard Oir, farmhouse ale with Brett

Ordinem Eccentrici Coctores, Aeris strongly hopped North German ale

Tired Hands, Saison Riserva, Batch #2

Oxbow Brewing Co., Oxtoberfest, 11/12/13

5 Rabbits Cerveceria, Gran Missionario, double wheat with grape must and Mission figs 


the anderson grace tavern nodding head