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Updated: Friday, May 19, 2017

Updated: Friday, May 19, 2017

Allagash Victor

MAINE - Strong, Belgian-influenced ale with cabernet franc grapes.  Jason used beer and wine yeast for fermentation.  This has a tart finish.  9%abv

Allagash White

MAINE - Arguably the best Belgian-Style White beer made in the US.  Crisp & refreshing with hints of coriander and orange peel.  Rob Tod's interpretation of a traditional Belgian wheat beer, Allagash White is brewed with a generous portion of wheat and a special blend of spices, this beer is light and slightly cloudy in appearance, with a spicy aroma. 5%abv

Avery Hog Heaven

COLORADO-Imperial Red IPA. An intense dry-hop nose and the alcohol content balance perfectly for a caramel malt backbone. Dangerously drinkable. 9.2%abv

Avery IPA

COLORADO - In the 1700's one crafty brewer discovered that a healthy dose of hops and an increased alcohol content preserved his ales during the long voyage to India, to quench the thirst of British troops. Boulder's own Avery Brewing Company tips their hat to that historic innovation by brewing Colorado's hoppiest pale ale. Avery IPA has a citrusy, floral bouquet and a rich, malty finish. Brewed by hopheads for hopheads!

Avery Perzik Saison

COLORADO - a crisp and refreshing saison with peaches added. 6.4%

Avery Raspberry Sour

COLORADO- Barrel-aged sour with ripe red raspberries. Lactic acidity and barrel nuance.  6.5%abv

Birrifico del Ducato Torrente Fragrante

ITALY-Aromas and flavors of ripe citrus, peach, tropical fruit and pine culminating in a dry and herbaceous bitterness. 7%abv

Coppertail Purple Drink

FLORIDA-Boysenberry, Cherry, and Blackberry Berliner Weisse 3.5 %abv

De Dolle Arabier

BELGIUM- Pale ale dry hopped with Poperinge hops. Crisp & refreshing, yet with a bit of that De Dolle funk.  8%abv

DeRanke XX Bitter

Blonde ale with an inordinate amount of hops, by Belgian standards, that is. Hops in nose and finish, balanced with substantial malt character.

Deschutes Black Butte Porter

OREGON-Multi-award winning porter from this amazing brewery. Roasty, chocolate notes in the body.  Crisp, bitter finish.  Yummy!  5.7%abv

Draai Laag Apples & Pears

PENNSYLVANIA-This wild ale is both inspired by English ciders and true to its roots in Belgian farmhouse funk. Secondary fermentation with Brettanomyces, white wine yeast, elderflowers & the namesake fruits results in a tasty bouquet of dry, tart and floral notes. 4.3%abv

Evil Twin Today is Just Yesterday’s Tomorrow

NEW YORK-Hazy Northeast Imperial IPA  7%abv $8

La Trappe Tripel

NETHERLANDS-Slightly malty and estery aroma. Full, rich body with a light, dry aftertaste. Nicely balanced bitter finish. 8%abv

Lost Abbey Devotion

CALIFORNIA - Originally brewed for Monk's Café's 10th Anniversary.  This is now a year round beer for them.  This was inspired by Tomme & Tom sharing a bottle of Westvleteren Blonde at Monk's.  We loved the low-ish alcohol and fresh hop character.  Tomme did a great job capturing the spirit of that beer.

Lost Abbey Ex Cathedra

CALIFORNIA-Base beer is Judgement Day Quad aged in Bourbon barrels for over 12 months before being spiked with Orange Peel, Ginger, and spices. Aromas of sweet orange peel, bourbon, and licorice from the Star Anise leading to flavors of sweet bourbon, hints of cocoa and a smooth finish with a slight bite of ginger. 13.8%abv

Lost Abbey Madonna and Child

CALIFORNIA-A dark sour ale with Lime and Salt. Inspired by Southern California’s love for Margaritas. Intense citrus aroma with just a hint of sweetness, begins with a refreshing lime tartness, balanced with some dark sugar and ending with a splash of salt and some spice from the tequila. 11.25%abv

Moinette Blonde

BELGIUM-Coppery blond with hop aromas. Very refreshing due to a subtle balance between sweet, bitter and fruity. 8.5%abv

Monk's Cafe Flemish Sour Ale

BELGIUM - That's right, our own private label brewed for us by the family-owned Van Steenberge brewery, just outside Ghent, Belgium. Medium body, red color, somewhat fruity nose, malt flavor with a slight lactic taste. Great Stuff! A real thirst quencher and palate cleanser.

Perennial Saison de Lis

MISSOURI-A traditional Belgian-style Saison with chamomile flowers. Do they use a Dupont yeast clone? Nice and spicy, yet with a calming tea-like quality. I've always loved this beer. 5%abv

Russian River Blind Pig

CALIFORNIA - Perhaps my favorite West Coast IPA. Solid hop aromas and finish backed up by the perfect balance of malt. 6.1%abv

Russian River Pliny the Elder

CALIFORNIA- This is the original Double IPA, made by mistake, natch.  More hops balanced by bigger malt.  Aromas of grapefruit dominate.  Finishes surprisingly dry, yet not too bitter.  8%abv 

Saison Dupont

BELGIUM- The quintessential Belgian Saison, a farmhouse beer brewed in the winter for warm-weather drinking. Peppery hops. A true classic. 6.5%abv 

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez

CALIFORNIA- Quenching gose style with tangy prickly pear cactus and grapefruit. Two-row Pale malt and wheat. 4.5%abv

Sierra Nevada Summerfest

CALIFORNIA-With a nod toward the original Czech tradition, this Pilsener is brewed to feature the best of Bohemian nature. Crisp, golden, dry and incredibly drinkable. Delicate and complex malt flavor and spicy and floral hop character.  5%abv

Up Next

Almanac Sunshine & Opportunity

CALIFORNIA-Saison brewed with oats and wheat, fermented with a blend of house brewer’s yeast, brettanomyces and lactobacillus. Aged in oak barrels and foedres. Dry-hopped with Citra. Flavors of pineapple, apricot, and tropical funk. 6.25%abv

Bullfrog Jong Bruin Kriek

PENNSYLVANIA-Flanders-style sour brown ale with sour cherries. 7%abv 

DeMolen Cease & Desist

NETHERLANDS - Originally named Rasputin, but North Coast Brewery sued over the use of "their" name.  Menno named it "Disputin" for a batch or two.  Now named Cease & Desist.  Russian Imperial stout with a ton of dark roasted malt.  Full body.  Dark as a moonless night.  Notes of bittersweet chocolate and dark fruit.  Os so very good.  10.7%abv

Draai Laag Black Briar

PENNSYLVANIA-Somewhere between a Flemish red and a blackberry lambic, this wild ale is musty, earthy, funky and sour. There is a subtle sweetness and rounded fruit flavor from aging on blackberries in the cask. 8%abv

Port Brewing Summer Pale Ale

CALIFORNIA-Massively hoppy West Coast-style pale ale made with Chinook, Cascade, Amarillo, and Simcoe hops.  Dank and subtle pine nose. Starts with a bite from the hops and finishes with a refreshing tangerine bitterness 6%abv

Russian River STS Pils

CALIFORNIA-A classic European style Pilsner. Straw in color and often times slightly hazy as it is unfiltered.  Hop forward with a mild malt foundation, strong lager yeast characteristic, and a dry, bitter finish. 5.35%abv

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

CALIFORNIA-Piney and grapefruit aromas from the use of whole-cone American hops. An all natural & refreshingly bold classic. 5.6%abv

Tired Hands Helles Other People

PENNSYLVANIA-Helles Lager. Brewed exclusively with German Pilsner malt. Hopped gently with a blend of domestic hops. Notes of bready malt, snappy lemon, slight spice, and warm spring days. 5.3%abv

Tired Hands Zoodylan

PENNSYLVANIA-Witbier brewed with German pilsner malt and hopped lightly with Cascade. Spiced with freshly ground coriander, and a blend of sweet and bitter Seville orange peel. Fermented with a classic Belgian witbier yeast, as well as a house strain of Brettanomyces. Notes of white pepper, juicyfruit, floral wheat, hay, and bergamot. 5%abv

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