Open for Delivery & Takeout Wednesday through Sunday, Noon to 10pm.
Delivery range is river to river, Fairmount Ave to Tasker St
Call 215-545-7005 to order.
Our menu is not available via third party apps.



Monk's Ramped-Up Mussels     16.95

SPECIAL MUSSELS DISH: Fresh Blue Bay mussels with Ramp Butter, Green Garlic, Green Meadow Cherry Tomatoes, Bacon, Fume & Monk's Mosaic Garden IPA


Beef Cheeks     15.95

slow braised in Belgian Abbey Double Ale with bacon, olives, garlic & herbs served with polenta

Chicken Fingers     9.95

house-made, Brooklyn Brown Ale-battered, golden fried chicken fingers.  Served with mild barbecue sauce

Local Cheese Plate     16.00

Today's trio of cheese:

Oldwick Shepherd (Valley Shepherd Creamery, Long Valley, NJ) Sheep – Raw.  Their signature cheese. Cave aged 3-5 months. Firm paste. Sweet with nutty overtones.

Shellbark Sharp #2 (Shellbark Hollow Farm, Honey Brook, PA) Pasteurized Goat.fresh, sharp chevre. Creamy, lemony tang

Blue Bell (Valley Milkhouse, Oley, PA) Cow – raw.  Stilton-style bleu. Aged 3 months. Creamy, earthy & savory. Fudge-like texture.

served with house-made pepper jelly, house-made tomato jam, Green Meadow Farm raw honey & stayman winesap apples, our house-made pickles & pickled mustard seed.

Pommes Frites     6.00

our award winning fresh-cut, double-fried frites.  served with Monk's world famous bourbon mayonnaise for dipping.

Soup of the Day     6.00

potato leek

Spanish Flies     11.95

incredibly hot chicken wings w/chipotle pepper sauce that are not for the faint of heart. they aren't those wimpy 'buffalo wings' - these babies are incendiary! Thermonuclear comes to mind. HOT! HOT! HOT! Did I mention that they're HOT? we do offer barbecue sauce for the less adventurous. served with a side order of our famous frites


Baby Green Salad     6.00

organic greens with our Monk's Flemish Sour Ale viniagrette.
ADD Goat Cheese for 2.75  ADD Chicken Breast for 7.95

Caesar     7.95

Tuscan kale & field greens, croutons tossed in our tangy caesar dressing
ADD Chicken Breast for 7.95

Monk's Duck Salad     14.95

baby greens with duck breast (grilled medium/medium rare), goat cheese, spicy walnuts & craisins


Served with Pomme Frites   16.95 for about a pound and a half


Ommegang Hennepin, fumé, parsley, carmelized leeks, bacon, bleu cheese & garlic


Monk's Cafe Flemish Sour Ale, lime, peppers, onions, jalapenos and cilantro

Monk's Ramped-Up Mussels   16.95

SPECIAL MUSSEL DISH: Fresh Blue Bay mussels, Ramp Butter, Bacon, Fume, Green Meadow Farm Green Garlic & Cherry Tomatoes and Monk's Mosaic Garden IPA (adds a nice, tangerine flavor)


Gueuze, fumé, garlic & parsley

Red Light  

Russian River Damnation, fumet, toasted chilie de arbol, parsley and garlic

Thai Curry  

Monk's Flemish Sour, fumè, Thai red curry, bais, garlic & coconut milk


Burger     14.95

Chicken Breast     14.95

Veggie Burger     14.95

Burger Topping


sottocenare truffle cheese & shitake mushroom


sauteed mushrooms & gruyere


bacon & cheddar


Cheddy Topper VT cheddar made with Heady Topper IPA & pickled red onion


sauteed broccoli rabe (w/garlic) & cheddar 


caramelized leeks & bleu cheese


goat cheese, lettuce, tomato & raw onion.


Boudin Blanc Sausage Sandwich     12.95

Duck Salad Sandwich     13.95

our award winning salad served sandwich style on an Italian roll. baby greens with grilled duck breast, goat cheese, spicy walnuts and craisins

Pulled Organic Jerk Chicken     13.95

Jerk spice rubbed, roasted, organic pulled chicken. With our house-made peach jam (peaches from 3 Springs Orchard), house-made escabeche topped with crispy, fried chicken cracklins – all served on a Metropolitan Bakery brioche bun.

Pulled Pork Sandwich     11.95

slow cooked in Abbaye du Val Dieu brown ale,  with house slaw and BBQ sauce all served on an Italian long roll.

Seitan Cheese Steak     10.95

(Vegetarian) seitan (wheat meat) sauteed with onions and mushrooms. served on a long roll and topped with Grueyere cheese. NOW AVAILABLE: Daiya dairy-free "cheddar" upon request.

Shrimp Po' Boy     13.95

Cornmeal encrusted shrimp, fried to perfection on an Amoroso roll with remoulade, lettuce, tomato & pickles. Served with our famous frites.

Main Plates

***Chicken Pot Pie*** NEW!!!     12.95

Pulled organic chicken, peas, carrots, onions and herbs topped with a homemade flaky pastry.

Honeynut Squash Bolognese     13.95

 Pappardelle, honeynut squash, ground Beef & Pork, mire poix & pickled habanada peppers. Keith's riff on Brugges favorite bar food.

Mac and Cheese     14.95

(Vegetarian) Pasta with our blend of goat cheese, cheddar, paremesan and sottocenerre truffle cheese with peas and belgian endive.  

Takeaway & Delivery Beer - All Cans


Single Can Four Pack Six Pack
Alchemist Heady Topper 16oz (VT) 8 30
Allagash White 16oz (ME) 6 30
Allagash Little Grove Blackcurrant 12oz (ME) 6 30
Allagash North Sky 16oz (ME) 7 25
Allagash River Trip Belgian-style table beer 12oz (ME) 6 30
Allagash TruePenny Pilsner 16oz (ME) 7 25
Almanac Sour CherryNova 16oz (CA) 10 35
Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose 12oz (CA) 6 30
Bell's 2 Hearted Pale Ale 12oz (MI) 6 30
Collective Arts Guava Gose 12oz (NY) 7 25
Collective Arts Ransack the Universe NEIPA 16oz (NY) 7 25
Crooked Stave Petite Sour Blueberry 16oz (CO) 10 36
Crooked Stave Sour Rita 12oz (CO) 7 25
Crooked Stave Sour Rose 12oz (CO) 7 25
De Dolle Dulle Teve Triple 12oz (Belgium) 12 40
De Dolle Oeral Pale Ale 12oz (Belgium) 12 40
Delirium Tremons 16oz (Belgium) 12 40
DestIhl Privyet Russian Imperial Stout 12oz (IL) 7 25
Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA 12oz (DE) 6 30
Firestone Walker Nitro Milk Stout 12oz (CA) 5 25
Gaffel Kolsch 16.9oz (Germany) 7 25
Half Acre Daisy Cutter IPA 16oz (IL) 7 25
Half Acre Tome NEIPA 16oz (IL) 7 25
Mill House Cucumber Blessings 16oz (NY) 7 25
Monk's Café Flemish Sour Ale 11.2oz (Belgium) 9 35
Nomad Freshies Salt & Pepper Gose 12oz (Australia) 9 35
OEC Coolship Black Lager 16oz (CT) 8 30
Oxbow Surfcasting 12oz (ME) 6 30
Oxbow Town Line Porter - spelt 16oz (ME) 8 30
Perennial Saison de Lis w/chamomile 16oz (MO) 7 25
Port Brewing Mongo 16oz (CA) 7 25
Port Brewing Monk's Mosaic Garden IPA (collab with Monk's) 16oz (CA) 6 20
Port Brewing Wipe Out IPA 16oz (CA) 7 25
Saison d'Erpe-Mere 12oz (Belgium) 12 40
Sam Smith Nut Brown Ale 14.9oz (England) 9 35
Schlenkerla Helles Smoked Lager 16oz (Germany) 10 35
SchneiderWeiss Aventinus Weizen-Doppelbock 16.9oz (Germany) 9 35
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 12oz (CA) 5 25
Sterling Pig Shoats Pilsner 12oz (PA) 6 30
Stillwater Cellar Door Farmhouse Ale 12oz (MD) 7 25
Strange Roots Mystic Parallel - BA w/ PA De Chanuac must 16oz (PA) 10 35
Strange Roots Vivid Monarch dry hopped IPA 16oz (PA) 9 35
Tired Hands Alien Church oat IPA 16oz (PA) 8 30
Tired Hands DDH (NZ Riwaka) Hop Hands Pale Ale 16oz (PA) - 8 30
Tired Hands HopHands 16oz (PA) 7 25
Tired Hands Omelas 16oz (PA) 8 30
Tired Hands Shambolic spelt Saison 16oz (PA) 8 30
To ØL Gose to Hollywood 16.9oz (Belgium) 9 35
Tonewood Freshies Pale Ale 12oz (NJ) 5 25
Tonewood Fuego hazy IPA 12oz (NJ) 6 30
Von Trapp Kolsch 12oz (VT) 5.5 20
Yard's Loyal Lager 12oz (Philly) 5 25
Yard's Pale Ale 12oz (Philly) 5 25
Young's Double Nitro Chocolate Stout 14.9oz (England) 9 35


Single Can Four Pack Six Pack
Anxo Cidery Rose 7.50 28
Downeast Original Cider 12oz (MA) 6 30
Ploughman Birdwatcher 12oz (PA) 7.50 28
Ploughman Lummox dry cider w/hops 12oz (PA) 7.5 28
Ploughman Stayman Winesap cider 12oz (PA) 7.5 28
Sagardoa Gurutzeta Basque cider 12oz (Spain) 9 35


Single Can Four Pack Six Pack
Sierra Nevada Strainge Beast Passion Fruit, Hops and Blood Orange 16oz (CA) 9
Sierra Nevada Strange Beast - Ginger, Lemon & Hibiscus 16oz (CA) 9