Updated: Saturday, January 22, 2022

Allagash White

MAINE-Rob Tod's interpretation of a traditional Belgian wheat beer, Allagash White is brewed with a generous portion of wheat and a special blend of spices, this beer is light and slightly cloudy in appearance, with a spicy aroma. Overall, it is a beer that is very drinkable and smooth any time of the year. 5.2%abv  $7 PINT

Aventinus Eisbock

GERMANY-Matured in a special freezing process. Mohagany in color. Intense with spicy flavors of plum, banana and clove along with a hint of bitter almond and marzipan. 12%abv

Boon Oude Schaarbeekse Kriek

BELGIUM – Frank Boon's blend of old and young Lambic, aged in oak natch. Refermented with wild Schaarbeekse cheeris. These cherries are unique to the Lambic regian. No other flavorings or color or added. It is really that red from these special cherries. 6%abv  $12 glass

Chouffe Houblon

BELGIUM-Monk's served the very first keg outside of Belgium.  Chris handed a 5 liter keg to Tom at the Zythos beer festival in St. Nikolaas several years back.  Brought home as checked luggage.  Inspired by a US Imperial IPA, but with a classic belgian twist. 9%abv

Coniston Bluebird Bitter

ENGLAND-Light, golden session ale. Spicy hop character derived from the use of unusual quantities of English Challenger hops, The malt is Maris Otter & is fermented slightly warm to give a soft fruitiness with a faint hint of scented geranium. 4.2%abv

De Dolle XL

BELGIUM-Brewed for their 40th anniversary with origional floor maltered Simson Maris Otter Pale-Ale malt, dry-hopped with Poperinge Whitbread Golding hops and bitter orange peel in the old Copper Brew House that dates back to 1921.  6.5%abv

De La Senne Stouterik

BELGIUM-Roasted malts and unmalted roasted barley . A bit of chocolate from the malt. Light bodied and excellent. 4.5%abv $8

De Ranke XX Bitter

BELGIUM-Belgian IPA. Blonde ale with an inordinate amount of hops, by Belgian standards that is. Hops in the nose, taste & finish, but these guys balance all of those hops with substantial malt character. A bit of Brettanomyces yeast is in the taste, but does not remotely dominate. 6%abv

Dupont Avec Les Bons Voeux

BELGIUM- Arguably the best Holiday Ale made in Belgium. A bit of citrus in the finish. Lots of dried fruit in the taste. Medium to full body. Hops in the taste & finish. Dry finish.  9.5%abv  $9

Fuchshof Most Cider

GERMANY-Braeburn & Johagold apples with Speckbirne & Klunderbirne pears. A rustic cider that is both complex & refreshing. 5.5%abv

LaTrappe Quadrupel

HOLLAND-A ton of dark roasted malts give this a hint of sweetness balanced with bitterness.  10%abv

Monk's Cafe Flemish Sour Ale

BELGIUM-Our own private label brewed for us by the family owned Van Steenberge brewery, just outside of Ghent, Belgium. Medium body, red color, somewhat fruity nose, malt flavor with a slight lactic sourness. A real thirst quencher and palate cleanser. 5.5%abv  $8 Glass

Oxbow Farmhouse Pale Ale

MAINE-American hops meet saison yeast in this dry, signature ale. Influenced by Belgian and French Saisons. Wonderful fruity notes from the yeast and finishes dry. Perfect Summer and Fall beer.  6%

Oxbow First Fruits

MAINE-Farmhouse ale aged in oak barrels with local Maine and estate-grown cherries, raspberries and strawberries. 7%abv

Perennial Abraxas

MISSOURI-An imperial stout brewed with ancho chili peppers, cocoa nibs, vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks. Deep brown with a thick head, complex body and a lingering roastiness. 10%abv  $11

Plan Bee Barn Beer

NEW YORK-A spontaneously fermented farmhouse beer made with 100% NY ingredients. Fruity, juicy and funky with notes of pineapple and resiny hops. So tasty. 5.5%abv

Russian River Blind Pig

CALIFORNIA - Perhaps my favorite West Coast IPA. Solid hop aromas and finish backed up by the perfect balance of malt. 6.1%abv  $8.50 PINT

Russian River Consecration

CALIFORNIA-A strong brown ale aged in a cabernet sauvignon barrel  for six months with fresh currants.  The wine, oak and currants are well integrated into this stunning beer. 10%abv $12 glass

Russian River Pliny the Elder

WINDSOR, CALIFORNIA – A bit of history first: Vinnie Cilurzo brewed America's first Double IPA, named  "Inaugural Ale", back in 1994 at Blind Pig Brewing Co, Temecula, CA. Then Vinnie was hired as the original and only head brewer at Korbel Chanpagnes Cellars' foray into brewing – Russian River Brewing Co. Vinnie and his wife, Natalie bought the brewery a few years later and opened their Santa Rosa location.  Vinnie is the originator of this style and he still brews the best version – Pliny the Elder. Brewed with copious amounts of Amarillo, Centennial, CTZ, and Simcoe hops. Very hoppy, but not a hop bomb – the balance of the malt and hops is extraordinary. Super drinkable, but be careful…it is 8%abv.  $8.50 PINT

Russian River STS Pils

CALIFORNIA-A classic European style Pilsner. Straw in color and often times slightly hazy as it is unfiltered.  Hop forward with a mild malt foundation, strong lager yeast characteristic, and a dry, bitter finish. Damn! This is a World-Class Pilsner. Perfectly balanced and oh, so quaffable. Seriously- try this.  5.35%abv

Scaldis Noel

BELGIUM-A strong ale. Bronze color. Full body. Called "Bush de Noel" in Belgium. Dry hopped four weeks before bottling. Sweet taste, but a nice dry finish. 12%abv  $10

Straffe Hendrik X-Mas

BELGIUM-A special winter blend of a fresh quadruple and selected iterations of the iconic Heritage series of cellared, barrel-aged quadruples. Warming and complex. 11%abv

Threes Brewing Vliet

NEW YORK-Their signature pilsner, named for the Dutch for 'minor stream', complex and crisp.  5.1%abv

Tilquin Gueuze

BELGIUM-Pierre Tilquin opened his Gueuzerie a few years ago.  We were lucky enough to debut his lambic in the US - actually the first time it was poured outside of Belgium. Pierre's draft version differs a bit from his bottle conditioned version, but it is equally complex and very quaffable. 4.8%abv $12

Westmalle Dubbel

BELGIUM-Monk’s Café is honored to be one of a few beer bars to debut this legendary Trappist beer on draft in Pennsylvania. A dark red-brown beer with notes of caramel, malt and fruity esters followed by a long, dry finish. Rich and complex. We are so excited to pour this gem! 7%abv  $10 chalice