Updated: Saturday, May 8, 2021

2SP The Russian

PENNSYLVANIA-Medal winning Imperial Stout (2016 & 2017 GABF GOLD MEDAL WINNER). Copious amount of dark roasted malt. Roasty malt, coffee and dark chocolate flavors with a slight hop presence. 9%abv

Corsendonk Christmas Ale

BELGIUM-These kegs have been cellared here since December, 2019. Oh my – they have aged gracefully! Malt & spice dominate the nose. Spices are well integrated into the beer - this is NOT one of those "pumpkin pie in a glass" beer. This is really, really tasty. A bit of 'root beer', coffee & chocolate in the finish. Medium body. Deep amber color. A staff favorite. 8.1%abv

Dupont Saison

BELGIUM:  This benchmark saison has been brewed at the farm-brewery since 1844. Still owned and operated by the same family. Founded by Rimaux Deridder in 1884 and passed through to Louis Dupont in 1920. Then passed to Sylva Rosier in 1945, who passed it on to his son Marc Rosier in 1964.  Marc's nephew, Oliver Dedeycker took over the brewing duties in 2002. Peppery hops and fruity esters derived soley from the hops and yeast. This is the Saison that inspired hundreds of brewers from around the workd.  This is still perfection. 6.5%abv

Monk's Cafe Flemish Sour Ale

BELGIUM - That's right, our own private label brewed for us by the family-owned Van Steenberge brewery, just outside Ghent, Belgium. Medium body, red color, somewhat fruity nose, malt flavor with a slight acidic finish. Great Stuff! A real thirst quencher and palate cleanser.

Russian River Blind Pig

CALIFORNIA - Perhaps my favorite West Coast IPA. Solid hop aromas and finish backed up by the perfect balance of malt. 6.1%abv

Russian River DDH Pliny the Elder

California-DDH Pliny the Elder and original Pliny the Elder have the same hop bill (Amarillo, Centennial, CTZ and Simcoe). Difference is the amount of dry hops is roughly doubled in DDH Pliny. The origianl Pliny is dry-hopped on day 7 with about 2 pounds per barrel and DDH Pliny is dry-hopped on day 1 and again on day 6 for a total of about 4 pounds per barrel. This process adds even more flavor, complexity hop aroma and freshness to the beer. 8%abv