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The Belgian Beer Whisperer of Philadelphia

A few days ago, we were pleasantly stunned by an essay in October web magazine about Monk's co-founder Tom Peters.  Writer Kevin Koczwara examines how Tom introduced Americans to Belgian beer, by way of Philadelphia. 

Koczwara definitely gets IT; further evidenced by his choice of brewer for a commentary on Monk's Cafe, the one and only Shaun Hill of Hill Farmstead

"The bar itself exists in the historical contingency of American beer,” Hill said. “It should be in the vaults. But then, at the same time, I feel like Monk’s is still able to provide an insight for any level of craft beer consumer as to the actual individual historical contingency of beer."

Click through to read the entire essay.  Our deepest gratitude to Kevin, Shaun, October mag and all of our dear guests.  Thank you. 


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